Wednesday, May 5, 2010


annyeong haseyo chingu!! its me again ^^ dianisa. known as dianiseoul? lol.

so here's the thing.. I've been wondering about this from a long long time ago...

we're going to make 4men4ever/kpoplovers indonesian gathering..


there're three options..
1.MALL (it could be PIM etc)
2.NEOREBANG (yeah KARAOKE! like happy puppy, happy song. or maybe INUL VIZTA?? lol)
3.korean restaurant (still searching)
any other suggestions?

its going to be in june or july.

why? because i wanna know you guys up close. make a new friends, and having fun with fellow kpop lovers...

contact person:
@dianiseoul <Dianisa Shafana <dn_huhu@hot <

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